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National TRU Program

Annual Transuranic Waste Inventory Report - 2016 DOE/TRU-16-3425 Rev 0
Effective date 12/01/16
The information presented in the ATWIR - 2016 serves as a current baseline of the TRU waste inventory for potential disposal at WIPP and may be considered in future Compliance Recertification Applications.  The TRU Waste Inventory Profile Reports (Appendices A and B) reflect the information reported by the TRU waste sites.


Mobile Systems Capabilities for Transuranic Waste Characterization
A comprehensive database documenting all available technologies related to mobile characterization, treatment, and repackaging of transuranic waste.

National TRU Programs Lessons Learned Plan
DOE/CBFO 16-3560 Rev 0

Effective date 03/16

Performance Demonstration Program Management Plan
DOE/CBFO-01-3107 Rev.8

Effective date: 02/16

Performance Demonstration Program Plan for Nondestructive Assay of Boxed Wastes for the TRU Waste Characterization Program
DOE/CBFO-01-1006 Rev.5

Effective date: 02/15

Performance Demonstration Program Plan for Nondestructive Assay of Drummed Wastes for the TRU Waste Characterization Program
DOE/CBFO-01-1005 Rev 5

Effective date: 02/15

Recovery Guide for TRU Waste Packages
DOE/CBFO-94-1007 Rev. 8

Effective: 05/23/17

Remote-Handled Transuranic Waste Characterization Plan
Effective date 4/30/03

Remote Handled TRU Waste Characterization Program Implementation Plan 
DOE/WIPP-02-3214 Rev. 3

Effective date:9/19/12

Transuranic Waste Acceptance Criteria for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant  
DOE/WIPP-02-3122 Rev.8.0

Effective date: 07/05/16

TRU Waste Acceleration Plan
DOE/WIPP 10-3457 Rev 1

Effective date: 5/2011

TRU Waste Transportation Plan
DOE/CBFO 98-3103 Rev 4

Effective date 12/2016

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Final Decision letter approving Department of Energy's (DOE's) remote handled (RH) transuranic (TRU) Waste Characterization Program Implementation Plan (WCPIP), Revision 0D, and the RH TRU Waste Characterization Plan for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
Effective date: 3/26/04

Waste Data System User's Manual
DOE/WIPP-09-3427 Rev. 15

Effective date: 05/01/17










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