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Accelerating Cleanup: Paths to Closure
The Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office's proposed approach to cleaning up and closing transuranic waste storage sites.

August 2004 Solid Waste Management Report
Solid Waste Management Unit Activities from May 1, 2004 through July 31, 2004, August 2004 Quarterly Progress Report

The Karst and Related Issues at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
Dated 6/23/09

Pioneering Nuclear Waste Disposal     
DOE/CAO-00-3124, Feb. 2000

Documents the 40-plus year history of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and looks forward to challenges for the future.

Remote Handled Transuranic Waste Study
DOE/CAO 95-1095, Oct. 1995

This study was conducted to satisfy the requirements defined by the WIPP Land Withdrawal Act and  considered by DOE to be a prudent exercise in the compliance certification process.

US Department of Energy Waste Isolation Pilot Plant New Mexico Statute 24-16 Sections 1-4 Compliance Policy Rev 0

DOE/WIPP 11-3480

Effective Date 09/11

WIPP Land Management Plan
DOE/WIPP 93-004, Rev E

Dated 9/13/15
Describes how the Department of Energy manages the WIPP Land Withdrawal Area.










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