The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO) is committed to the protection of the workers, the public and the environment. The DOE owns and oversees the operation of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), the nation’s only deep geologic repository for defense-related transuranic (TRU) waste and the National TRU Program (NTP).

The mission of the CBFO is to provide safe, compliant and efficient characterization, transportation and disposal of defense-related TRU waste. This includes planning and coordinating TRU waste activities under the NTP related to the characterization, treatment, packaging and transportation of TRU waste at waste generator sites. Only TRU waste that meets the requirements of the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) can be permanently emplaced in WIPP.

CBFO also manages the TRU waste transportation program and TRU waste disposal operations at WIPP.

Todd Shrader

DOE Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO) Manager

Todd Shrader assumed the position of CBFO Manager in 2015. Previously, he served as Director of the DOE Headquarters office responsible for supporting Hanford’s Office of River Protection. In this role, he led efforts in negotiating with the State of Washington over regulatory milestones and subsequent associated litigation for tank retrievals and completion of the Waste Treatment Plant. He also coordinated headquarters’ efforts in supporting the site, including extensive stakeholder interactions. His first headquarters assignment was in the DOE Office of Loan Programs, where he supervised technical reviews of clean energy loan guarantee applications. Earlier positions have included Project Manager for License Defense for the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management and various positions at the Hanford Site, including serving as the Hanford Site Transuranic (TRU) Program Manager, Facility Area Engineer for the Waste Treatment Plant Pretreatment Facility, and programmatic lead for solid waste operations. He began his career as a Radiological Engineer at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. He holds a master’s degree in engineering from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida. He is a registered Professional Engineer and certified Project Management Professional.

Sean Dunagan

CBFO Senior WIPP Recovery Manager & Acting Deputy Manager

Sean Dunagan was appointed as CBFO Senior WIPP Recovery Manager in December 2014. He is detailed from the Sandia National Laboratories-Carlsbad Programs Group, where he previously served as a research and development manager with Sandia National Laboratories. In 2016, he also began serving as CBFO Acting Deputy Manager. During his 12 years at Sandia, he supported WIPP projects and was responsible for the performance assessment portion of the 2014 compliance recertification application. In his current role, he serves as the on-site manager leading the restoration of the WIPP facility and resumption of TRU waste shipments to WIPP. He has both bachelor and master of science degrees in industrial engineering from Texas Tech University.

Ed Garza

CBFO Acting Assistant Manager of the Office of WIPP

Ed Garza was appointed as CBFO Acting Assistant Manager for WIPP in 2016 and has served as Facility Oversight Division Director since arriving at CBFO in 2015. He has 30 years of nuclear industry experience within the DOE complex. He joined DOE in 2006 as a Facility Representative for EM facilities at Idaho National Laboratory. In 2014, he became the Senior Facility Representative at the Advanced Test Reactor. Among his areas of expertise are conduct of operations, industrial hygiene, radiological controls, fire protection, nuclear safety, technical safety requirements, configuration management, ISMS, industrial safety, OSHA, quality assurance, environmental compliance, criticality safety, contractor assurance, training, and recently the Mine Safety and Health Administration. He holds a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Texas Tech University.

Jeff Carswell

CBFO Acting Assistant Manager of National Transuranic (TRU) Program Recovery

Jeff Carswell was assigned as Nuclear Safety Senior Technical Advisor in 2015. He reports to the CBFO Manager on all issues related to WIPP nuclear safety and managed the development of a new Documented Safety Analysis and Technical Safety Requirements. He is also CBFO Federal Technical Capability Panel Agent and Acting Assistant Manager of National TRU Program Recovery. He worked at the Savannah River Site in both contactor and federal positions, including Shift Technical Engineer and the Lead Engineer of H-Canyon; Federal Facility Representative; Program Manager (contractor) at Savannah River National Lab for Homeland Defense, National Security, and Non-Proliferation Programs; and as the Safety Basis Regulating Authority for the H-Canyon Facility. He received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Wayne State University and a master’s in business administration from Brenau University. He served as a U.S. Navy officer aboard ballistic missile submarines and is active in the Navy Reserve.