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Why WIPP?    

The Remote-Handled Transuranic  
Waste Program


What is Plutonium?

How Will Future Generations Be Warned?    

Joint Information Center (JIC)    

Carlsbad Field Office and its Mission

Waste to be Consolidated at Idaho Site Before
Shipment to WIPP

WIPP Chronology    

The Waste Data System

Salt Defense Disposal Investigations Brochure


Transportation                         Back to top

WIPP Transportation System    

WIPP Waste Shipments Tracked    
By Satellite    

Emergency Response Training Along the WIPP Routes

Enhanced Driver Requirements for WIPP Shipments

Waste to be Consolidated at Idaho Site Before
Shipment to WIPP


Disposal                                      Back to top

Why Salt Was Selected as a Disposal

Step-by-Step Guide for Waste Handling at WIPP


Other publications
of interest

Radiation and Radioactive Materials
A guide to radiation and radioactive materials published by the Law Enforcement Technology Support Center at the DOE's Savannah River Technology Center with funding from the National Institute of Justice.



Environmental Protection Agency fact sheet on karst - A 2006 fact sheet on karst provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Karst and Related Issues at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant - A paper addressing the issue of karst at WIPP by Dr. Lokesh Chaturvedi.










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