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Nuclear Waste Partnership (NWP)

U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office Management and Operating Contractor for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Contract Number DE-EM0001971


Section B - Supplies or Services and Price/Costs

Section C - Performance Work Statement

Section D - Packaging and Marking

Section E - Inspection and Acceptance

Section F - Deliveries or Performance

Section G - Contract Administration Data

Section H - Special Contract Requirements

Section I - Contract Clauses

Section J - List of Attachments

Section J - Attachment A - Executed Performance Guarantee Agreement

Section J - Attachment B - Reporting Requirements Checklist

Section J - Attachment C - Wage Rate Determination Number 15-2512 Revision 1

Section J - Attachment D - Wage Rate Determination Number 96-0223 Revision 36

Section J - Attachment E - Office of Environmental Management FY15/FY16 Performance Agreement

Section J - Attachment F - Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

CAST Specialty Transportation, Inc.

Contract DE-EM0004767 – Task Orders

Task Order DE-DT0013450 – Contract Transition Period No-Cost, 57-Days

Task Order DE-DT0013724 – 10-Month Basic Period, Incremental Funding $594,692

CAST Specialty Transportation, Inc.

Contract DE-EM0004767 – Modifications

Modifications to DE-EM0004767

Modification 0001 to DE-EM0004767 – Administrative Change of Contracting Officer

Modification 0002 to DE-EM0004767 – Administrative Correction of Contract Writing System

Modification 0003 to DE-EM0004767 – Administrative Correction to Change Funding Option

Modifications to Task Orders

Modification 0001 to Task Order DE-DT0013724 – Incremental Funding $750,000