Program Coordinator:Gerald Woolsey

Date: 08/10/06

Name of product

Procurement Lead Time

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Adjustable Center-of Gravity Lift Fixture (ACGLF)

20 weeks

Reference Documents

a)     E-I-441, Specification for Fabrication of the ACGLF, Rev 7

b)     Quality Assurance Inspection Plan for the Ten-Drum Overpack Lift Fixture Adaptor Inventory WP 13-QA.11, Rev 3

c)     Drawings - 412-L-078-W Series
        Drawings - 412-L-079-W Series
        Drawings - 412-L-080-W Series
        Drawings - 412-L-081-W Series
        Drawings - 412-L-082-W Series
        Drawing  - 412-L-083-W
        Drawings - 412-L-084-W Series
        Drawings - 412-L-085-W Series
        Drawing  - 412-L-086-W

1.0 General Description


Lifting capacity (pounds)



The ACGLF is designed for lifting the following loads:

  • Outer Containment Assembly (OCA) lid
  • Inner Containment Vessel (ICV) lid
  • Empty Inner Containment Vessel
  • 10,000 pound payload

2.0 Quality Assurance

The Seller's C of C shall be signed by an officer of the Sellers' Organization, certifying the conformance of the supplied items to the requirements of this specification (including contract drawings). The C of C shall be traceable to the serial number of the component(s).

3.0 Suggested Manufacturers – specified in the BOA