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Title 40 CFR Part 191
Subparts B and C
Compliance Recertification
for the
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Structure of the CRA-2009

United States Department of Energy
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Carlsbad Field Office
Carlsbad, New Mexico


Structure of the CRA-2009


Table of Contents

Structure of the CRA-2009. STRUCT-1


List of Figures

Figure STRUCT-1.  CRA-2009 Pictorial Roadmap. STRUCT-4


List of Tables

Table STRUCT-1.... List of CRA-2009 Sections and Page Counts. STRUCT-1

Table STRUCT-2.... CRA-2004 Appendices and Corresponding Appendices in CRA‑2009. STRUCT-3


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Acronyms and Abbreviations

CARD             Compliance Application Review Document

CCA                Compliance Certification Application

CRA                Compliance Recertification Application

EPA                 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

WIPP               Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

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Structure of the CRA-2009

The format of the Compliance Recertification Application (CRA)-2009 differs from the two previous applications, the Compliance Certification Application (CCA) and the CRA-2004.  The CRA-2009 follows the structure of 40 CFR Part 194 and is organized by sections of Part 194 rather than by the chapter format established in the CCA and continued in the CRA-2004.  This format follows the format used in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Compliance Application Review Documents (CARDs) and is intended to facilitate the EPA and stakeholder reviews of the application. This format is expected to allow a more direct evaluation of any changed information with respect to previous applications.  Each section includes the following components:

1.      Requirements:  The text of the regulation

2.      Background:  The historical context of how the DOE and the WIPP have complied with the regulation

3.      1998 Certification Decision:  A summary of the CCA and the EPA’s evaluation of compliance to the regulation

4.      Changes in the CRA-2004:  An identification and summary of changes from the CCA to the CRA-2004 directly related to the regulation

5.      EPA’s Evaluation of Compliance for the 2004 Recertification:  A summary of the EPA’s evaluation of the CRA-2004

6.      Changes or New Information Since the 2004 Recertification:  The changes that have resulted from continuing scientific investigations and operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)

The following table contains the listings of the sections and appendices included in this application.

Table STRUCT-1.  List of CRA-2009 Sections and Page Counts

CRA-2009 Document

Pg Ct

Executive Summary and Structure


194.08 Approval process for sites


194.15 Content of CRA


194.21 Inspections


194.22 Quality assurance


194.23 Models and computer codes


194.24 Waste characterization


194.25 Future state assumptions


Table STRUCT-1.  List of CRA-2009 Sections and Page Counts (Continued)

CRA-2009 Document

Pg Ct

194.26 Expert judgment


194.27 Peer review


194.31 Application of release limits


194.32 Scope of PA


194.33 Drilling events in PA


194.34 Results of PA


194.41 Active institutional controls


194.42 Monitoring


194.43 Passive institutional controls


194.44 Engineered barriers


194.45 The presence of resources


194.46 Removal of waste


194.51-52 Exposure pathways


194.53 Sources of drinking water


194.54 Scope of CA


194.55 Results of CA


Appendix AUD


Appendix DATA


Appendix HYDRO


Appendix IGP


Appendix MASS


Appendix MgO


Appendix MON


Appendix PA


Appendix PORSURF


Appendix SCR


Appendix SOTERM


Appendix TFIELD


Attachment A—Figures





There are some cases where there is an appendix containing technical information similar to that covered in a section.  In these cases, the section is a summary of the information provided in the appendix.

Two appendices (Appendix HYDRO-2009 and Appendix IGP-2009) are new:  they have no corresponding appendices in the CRA-2004.  One attachment and two appendices from the CRA‑2004 have no corresponding document in the CRA-2009 (Attachment PAR; Appendix PEER-2004; and Appendix EPA WASTE).  The CRA-2004, Appendix BARRIERS has been renamed the CRA-2009, Appendix MgO-2009.

In response to the new format, several attachments to Appendix PA in the CRA-2004 have been renamed as appendices. Table STRUCT-2 shows the relationships between CRA-2004 appendices and attachments and CRA-2009 appendices.

Figure STRUCT-1 shows all 23 sections and 13 appendices and the relationship of each appendix to specific sections in the CRA-2009.

At the request of the EPA, an electronic version of the CRA-2009 is included in this application that includes hyperlinks to all references cited in the text.

Table STRUCT-2.  CRA-2004 Appendices and Corresponding Appendices in CRA-2009

CRA-2004 Appendix

CRA-2009 Appendix

Appendix AUD-2004

Appendix AUD-2009


Appendix MgO-2009

Appendix DATA

Appendix DATA-2009

Appendix HYDRO-2009

Appendix IGP-2009a

Appendix MON 2004

Appendix MON-2009

Appendix PA

Appendix PA-2009

Appendix PA, Attachment PAR

Fox 2008b

Appendix PA, Attachment TFIELD

Appendix TFIELD-2009

Appendix PA, Attachment MASS

Appendix MASS-2009

Appendix PA, Attachment PORSURF

Appendix PORSURF-2009

Appendix PA, Attachment SCR

Appendix SCR-2009

Appendix PA, Attachment SOTERM

Appendix SOTERM-2009

Appendix PEER-2004

Section 27c

Appendix QAPD

Appendix QAPD-2009

Appendix TRU WASTE

Section 24d

a   Appendix IGP-2009 is an update of the CRA-2004, Chapter 8.0.

b   The CRA-2009 equivalent of the CRA-2004, Appendix PA, Attachment PAR is a standalone document entitled “Parameter Report for the CRA-2009.”

c   A summary of new peer reviews is contained in Section 27 of the CRA-2009.

d   Most of the CRA-2004, Appendix TRU WASTE is contained in Section 24 of the CRA-2009.


Figure STRUCT-1.  CRA-2009 Pictorial Roadmap