Compliance Certification Application CARDs & TSDs


CRA - 2004

Final Recertification Decision

CRA Comments & Responses

CCA - 1996



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 Compliance Application Review Documents (CARDs)

  Technical Support Documents (TSDs)
(Docket A-93-02 Item V-B-2)   (Docket A-93-02 Items V-B-3 through V-B-30)
  CARD 14 Content of Compliance Certification     Item 3 Content of Compliance Certification Application
          Item 4 Assessment of Kds used in the CCA
  CARD 22 Quality Assurance        
          Item 5 Overview of Major Performance Assessment Issues
  CARD 23 Models and Computer Code        
          Item 6 Models and Computer Codes
  CARD 24 Waste Characterization        
          Item 7 Ground-Water Flow and Contaminant Transport
  CARD 25 Future State Assumptions       Modeling at WIPP
  CARD 26 Expert Judgment     Item 8 Potential Effects of Mining on Ground-Water Flow
            and Radionuclide Transport at the WIPP Site
  CARD 27 Peer Review        
          Item 9 Density Effects on Radionuclide Transport in the
  CARD 31 Application of Release Limits       Culebra at the WIPP Site
  CARD 32 Scope of Performance Assessments     Item 12 Parameters
  CARD 33 Consideration of Drilling Events in Performance     Item 13 Sensitivity Analysis
          Item 14 Parameter Justification
  CARD 34 Results of Performance Assessments        
          Item 15 Consolidated Compliance Review of Waste
  CARD 41 Active Institutional Controls       Characterization Requirements
  CARD 42 Monitoring     Item 17 EPA’s Evaluation of DOE’s Actinide Source Term
  CARD 43 Passive Institutional Controls     Item 21 Scope of Performance Assessments
  CARD 44 Engineered Barriers     Item 22 Fluid Injection Analysis
  CARD 45 Consideration of the Presence of Resources     Item 23 Use of CCDF Formalism in the WIPP PA, An
  CARD 46 Removal of Waste        
          Item 24 Passive Institutional Controls - Implementation Cost
  CARD 51/52 Consideration of Protected Individual/Exposure       Estimate
          Item 25 Dose Verification Evaluation
  CARD 53 Consideration of Underground Sources of        
    Drinking Water     Item 26 Compliance Assessment Statistics
  CARD 54 Scope of Compliance Assessments     Item 27 Lease Evaluation
  CARD 55 Results of Compliance Assessments     Item 29 EPA’s Analysis of Air Drilling at WIPP
          Item 30 Review of TDEM Analysis of WIPP Brine Pockets