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5 U.S.C. § 552

10 CFR 1004




State of New Mexico Permit

HWB 01-08 (CO) Administrative Compliance Order 


HWB 01-08 (CO) Settlement Agreement


HWB 04-07 (CO) Administrative Compliance Order


HWB 04-07 (CO) Settlement Agreement


HWB 07-42 (CO) (AMWTP) Administrative Compliance Order


HWB 07-42 (CO) (AMWTP Stipulated Final Compliance Order


HWB 07-43 (CO) (LANL) Stipulated Final Compliance Order


HWB 07-43 (CO) Stipulated Final Compliance Order


HRM 99-05 (CO) Administrative Compliance Order


HRM 99-05 (CO) Final Stipulated Order


HRM 98-04 (P) Report of the Hearing Officer Statement of the Case Issue Findings of Fact Discussion Conclusions of Law Recommended Decision and Proposed Final Order 


HRM 98-04 (P) Final Order of the Secretary of the New Mexico Environmental Department


HWB 06-01 (M) Hearing Officers Report


HWB 06-01 (M) Secretary's Final Order Approving Permit


HWB 02-01 (M) Hearing Officers Report 


HWB 02-01 (M)  Final Order


Whistleblower Cases


Tod N. Rockefeller

ARB Case No. 03-048 ALJ Case No. 2002-CAA-0005 ARB Case No. 03-084 ALJ Case No. 203-ERA-10  Order of Consolidation and Final Decision and Order of Dismissal, In Part, and Remand, In Part


(Rockefeller I) ARB  Case No. 99-002 ALJ Case No. 98-CAA-10, 98-CAA-11 (Rockefeller II) ARB Case No. 99-067 ALJ Case No. 99-CAA-1 (Rockefeller III) ARB Case No. 99-068 ALJ Case No. 99-CAA-4 (Rockefeller IV) ARB Case No. 99-063 ALJ Case No. 99-CAA-6 Final Decision Order


ARB Case No. 00-039 ALJ Case Nos. 99-CAA-21, 99-CAA-22 Final Decision Order


Case No. 2003-ERA-00010 Recommended Decision and Order Dismissing Case










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