U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office TRANSCOM Contractor for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Contract Number DE-EM0002903

TRANSCOM Contract DE-EM0002903


Section B - Supplies or Services Prices / Costs

Section C - Descriptions/Specs/Work Statement Performance Work Statement (PWS)

Section D - Packaging and Marking

Section E - Inspection and Acceptance

Section F - Deliveries or Performance

Section G - Contract Administration Data

Section H - Special Contract Requirements

Section I - Contract Clauses

Section J - List of Attachments

Attachment J-1 - List of Applicable DOE Directives

Attachment J-2 - List of Deliverables

Attachment J-3 - Project Manager Minimum Labor Qualifications

Attachment J-4 - Government Furnished Property and Information List

Attachment J-5 - TRANSCOM Program Documents

Attachment J-6 - Acronym List

Attachment J-7 - Conference Attendance Approval Request

Attachment J-8 - Service Contract Act Wage Determination

Attachment J-9 - DOE Office of Environmental Management FY13 Annual Performance Agreement

Task Order DE-DT008848

Task Order DE-DT009216


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