U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office Transportation Contractor for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Contract Number DE-EM0001840



Section B Supplies or Services and Price/Costs

Section C Description/Specification

Section D Packaging and Marking

Section E Inspection and Acceptance

Section F Deliveries or Performance

Section G Contract Administration Data

Section H Special Contract Requirements

Section I Contract Clauses

Section J -- List of Attachments

Attachment A - Government Furnished Property (GFP) List

Attachment B Reporting Requirements Checklist

Attachment C.1 -- Wage Rate Determination Num 1996-0223 Revision 28

Attachment C.2 Wage Rate Determination Num 2005-2512 Revision 14

Attachment D Office of Environmental Management FY 2011 Performance Agreement with the Assistant Secretary



Task Order 4203

Task Order 5972

Task Order 7810