WIPP Hazardous Waste
Facility Permit Draft Renewal
Application dated 4/24/2009

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Acronyms

List of Tables

List of Figures

List of Drawings


Regulatory Crosswalk

Summary of Proposed Changes

RCRA Application and Certification

Hazardous Waste Permit Application - Part A


Photographs - Part A

Necessary Information – Part A

Active Environmental Permits

Maps and Illustrations

Necessary Information – Part B

Demographics and Windrose

Public Participation Information

Chapter A: General Facility Description and Process Information

Chapter B: Waste Analysis Plan

Addendum B1: Totals Analysis versus Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

Addendum B2: Chemical Compatibility Analysis of Waste Forms and Container Materials

Appendix B1: Waste Characterization Sampling Methods

Appendix B2: Statistical Methods Used in Sampling and Analysis

Appendix B3: Quality Assurance Objectives and Data Validation Techniques for Waste Characterization Sampling and Analytical Methods

Appendix B4: TRU Mixed Waste Characterization Using Acceptable Knowledge

Appendix B5: Quality Assurance Project Plan Requirements

Appendix B6: Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Permittees' Audit and Surveillance Program

Appendix B7: Permittee Level TRU Waste Confirmation Processes

Chapter C: Security

Chapter D: Inspection Schedule, Process and Forms

Appendix D1: Inspection Sheets, Logs, and Instruction Sheets for Systems / Equipment Requiring Inspection

Chapter E: Preparedness and Prevention

Chapter F: RCRA Contingency Plan

Chapter G: Traffic Patterns

Chapter H: Personnel Training

Appendix H1: RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Job Titles and Descriptions

Appendix H2: Training Course and Qualification Card Outlines

Chapter I: Closure Plan

Appendix I1: Detailed Design Report for an Operational Phase Panel Closure System

Appendix I1G: Technical Specifications

Appendix I1H: Design Drawings – Panel Closure System

Appendix I2: Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Shaft Sealing System Compliance Submittal Design Report

Appendix I2A: Material Specification – Shaft Sealing System Compliance Submittal Design Report

Appendix I2B: Shaft Sealing Construction Procedures Shaft Sealing System Compliance Submittal Design Report

Appendix I2E: Design Drawings – Shaft Sealing System Compliance Submittal Design Report

Appendix I3: Radiological Surveys to Indicate Potential Hazardous Waste Releases

Chapter J: Post-Closure Plan

Appendix J1: Active Institutional Controls during Post-Closure

Chapter K: Reserved

Chapter L: WIPP Ground-Water Detection Monitoring Program Plan

Addendum L1: Site Characterization

Chapter M: Information for Specific Units

Appendix M1: Container Storage

Appendix M2: Geologic Repository

Appendix M3: Drawing Number 51-214w, Underground Facilities Typical Disposal Panel

Chapter N: Volatile Organic Compound Monitoring Plan

Addendum N1: 300-Year Performance Demonstration Re-Evaluation

Appendix N1: Hydrogen and Methane Monitoring Plan

Chapter O: Reserved

Chapter P: Summaries of WIPP Technical Procedures Referenced in other Chapters

Chapter Q: WIPP Mine Ventilation Rate Monitoring Plan





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