Nuclear Facilities Transparency Resources

Sandia National Laboratories Cooperative Monitoring Center (CMC)
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Transparency Risks

While transparency measures have benefits at many levels, the potential for negative impacts must also be addressed. For example, an Internet site that is open to the public may be the preferred medium for dissemination of environmental and/or meteorological data. However, open access to video images from an operating facility could inadvertently divulge information to groups that may be interested in diversion of nuclear materials, or those having other criminal intent. The following is a summary of some risks that have been identified during transparency workshops:

Risk of Misinterpreting Information: Providing access to raw data without including additional information on the context and technical significance of the data could result in misinterpretation of the data. Stakeholders should be provided with some baseline and technical information so they can appropriately interpret the data.

Risk of Publishing Un-Reviewed Data: The degree of review or processing of monitored data can impact the timeliness with which stakeholders receive the data. There may be a trade-off between providing near-real-time raw data versus data that has been screened and annotated to explain abnormalities in the information presented; however, this may impact credibility with some stakeholder communities.

Risk of Providing Operational Information: Operational information must be presented in a manner that ensures protection of processes and activities associated with facility security procedures. This may require some level of vulnerability analyses to protect operational information that could be considered attractive to organizations whose intent is to disrupt facility operations. This disruption could occur through demonstrating non-compliance with safety related operational requirements or through criminal activities such as sabotage or diversion of nuclear materials for illegitimate use.