Nuclear Facilities Transparency Resources

Sandia National Laboratories Cooperative Monitoring Center (CMC)
in conjunction with WIPP is providing this Nuclear Facilities Transparency Homepage. 


Transparency Technologies

An effective Internet-based monitoring system has been developed for dissemination of information intended to support transparency and non-proliferation efforts. The system consists of three basic functional levels: data collection, data storage, and data dissemination. The system accommodates collection of data through three fundamental interfaces. The primary collection of parametric data is accomplished using a commercially available EchelonŽ local operating network (LON) in conjunction with commercially available sensors. The system is designed to produce an output signal that is proportional to changes in the monitored parameter. A second interface accommodates data acquired by digital and/or analog video surveillance devices, and the third interface provides a capability to use electronic sensor platforms that transmit data using radio frequency to a central collection unit which is then hardwired to the data collection component.

Collected data are then transferred into a database and archived at the data storage component using a standard TCP/IP protocol. Finally, data are transferred to a web browser using a file transfer protocol (FTP) for dissemination over the Internet.

For those applications where either surety and/or security of the data are a concern, various forms of authentication and encryption are available for application to the transmitted data. The feasibility of incorporating virtual private network (VPN) devices into local area networks (LAN) to provide protection to the IP address where the data originates and enhancing the security of the computer networks used for transparency applications is currently being evaluated. Designs of the web pages which present this transparency information to stakeholders is critical to ensuring that pertinent information is transferred without overwhelming individuals with undecipherable volumes of data.