WIPP Hazardous Waste Facility Permit

Attachment P Procedures

WP 02-EM1002 Revision 3 - Electric Submersible Pump Monitoring System Installation and Operation Technical Procedure dated 7/3/08

WP 02-EM1005 Revision 5 - Groundwater Serial Sample Analysis Technical Procedure dated 8/11/08

WP 02-EM1006 Revision 6 - Final Sample and Serial Sample Collection Technical Procedure dated 6/30/08

WP 02-EM1014 Revision 4 - Groundwater level Measurement Technical Procedure dated 2/26/08

WP 02-EM1015 Revision 0 - Water Quality Monitoring Using the YSI Model 3560 Monitoring System Technical Procedure dated 3/31/97

WP 02-EM3001 Revision 10 - Administrative Processes for Environmental Monitoring and Hydrology Programs Management Control Procedures dated 2/07/08

WP 02-EM3003 Revision 4 - Data Validation and Verification of RCRA Constituents Management Control Procedure dated 11/14/06

WP 02-RC.01 Revision 4 - Hazardous and Universal Waste Management Plan dated 8/8/07

WP 02-RC.04 Revision 6 - RCRA Training Documentation dated 4/17/08

WP 10-AD3029 Revision 8 - Calibration and Control of Monitoring and Data Collection Equipment Management Control Procedure dated 9/5/07

WP 12-HP1100 Revision 12 - Radiological Surveys Technical Procedure dated 7/31/08

WP 13-1 Revision 27 - Washington TRU Solutions LLC Quality Assurance Program Description dated 4/23/08

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