Depending on the Outcome of the EIS Process, ADTF Could be Located near WIPP

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DOE owns and manages a 16-sq. mile tract withdrawn from public domain for the construction and operation of WIPP

If the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement process shows that location of the ADTF on land withdrawn for WIPP is acceptable, then the accelerator complex would likely be constructed just to the east of the exclusive use area shown on the map at left.  The Property Protection area shown is the footprint of the surface facilities that currently make up the WIPP waste handling area.  ADTF would be located on the eastern half of Section 28.

Construction and operation of the ADTF would not compromise WIPP's prime mission of waste disposal.  Land management activities, access roads and site security would likely be the only common elements of the two major (but independent) programs.

As part of the EIS process, a major 28-part questionnaire was sent to each of the prospective DOE facilities around the country which could potentially host the ADTF.  Download WIPP's response to the questionnaire (120 kb pdf) here.

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