Downloading Equipment on the Waste Hoist

This photo shows workers loading drums of waste on the bottom cage of the waste hoist.  Men and equipment usually ride only on the top cage, and the bottom cage is reserved for waste downloading.

The accompanying photo shows the 4.14m high-bay doors at the top collar of the waste hoist shaft.  The perpendicular cross section of the opening is 3.5m x 4.14m, but the bottom cage cross section is 2.87m x 4.5m (and 4.67m into the plane of the photo).  Depending on actual envelope dimensions and rigging limitations, taller items can be accommodated.  However, tail ropes attached to the underside of the waste conveyance preclude slinging operations for objects which are able to be passed through the doors.  Tall objects (up to 7.6m long) can be slung under the salt shaft conveyance.

click here to see how the secondary access shaft at WIPP can be used to download long (up to 7.6m) objects slung under the salt shaft conveyance

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