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Salt Shaft and Hoist Used for Slinging Long Items Lowered into the WIPP Underground

The salt hoist transfers personnel and equipment at about 800 fpm.  Salt is skipped out of the mine at almost 1600 fpm.

The secondary access shaft at WIPP is known as the salt shaft, since it is used to bring mined salt to the surface during underground excavation of new cavities.  This 8-ton direct pull hoist and wooden guides provide secondary access for personnel and equipment.
  • Hoist cage footprint: 1.19m wide x 1.29m long
  • Hoist cage height: 1.19m wide x 2.41m high
  • Maximum cross section between guides: 1.37m x 2.3m
  • Objects with a maximum of 7.6m long and a 1.37m x 2.3m footprint can be rigged under the cage

Number of trips per day varies based on material being hoisted and allowable travel speeds. Equipment downloading can be scheduled as needed with coordination with salt hoisting and material delivery schedules.

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