Information for Non-US Citizens Attending the WIPP Workshop on the Next Generation Underground Science Facility

Non U.S. Citizens must provide the following information along with their registration information at least 45 days before the workshop (April 26, 2000).  If you are unsure of your participation at the workshop, but would like to "preserve" your ability to attend and make the site tour, we will be glad to process your citizenship embassy check in advance.  All that we ask is that if you do sign up to attend and cancel at the last minute, that you tell us (email to or to or ) before the actual workshop is held.

The following information should be sent along with your registration:

Name of Visitor (Family, Given, Middle)
Place of Birth (City, Country)
Date of Birth
Country of Citizenship
Passport Number / Expiration Date
Immigrant Status
Type of Visa (if applicable) / Expiration Date
Work phone number, E-Mail , Fax (only one is needed)
Name of Current Employer
(Employer) Street Address, City, State/Province, Country, Zip Code
Title, position, or description of visitor’s duties
Kind of business or organization of visitor’s employer (e.g., government, company, laboratory, university)
Education background (degrees)
Field of research