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Aerial View of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Click on picture for a higher resolution version showing the surrounding countryside (129KB)

1. Enclosed Primary Hoist (waste) 
2. Exhaust Shaft & Filter Building
3. Salt Handling Shaft
4. Air Intake Shaft 
5. Contact Handled (CH) Waste Building
6. Remote Handled (RH) Waste Building
7. Administrative Offices
8. Cafeteria
9. Security + Visitor Check-in
10. Research Support Office Space

Extensive surface facilities support the waste unloading and handling operations.  Space is also available for researchers to conduct set-up or monitoring operations within the property-controlled boundary (see location 10).  If additional space is needed, the DOE manages 16 square miles of this multi-use property, and is committed to help seek authorization for its use (without compromising DOE's prime mission of waste disposal at WIPP).

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