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Primary Hoist: 45-ton Rope-Guide Friction Hoist

Largest friction hoist in the world when it was built in 1985

Completely enclosed (for contamination control), the primary hoist at WIPP is a modern friction hoist with rope guides (uses a balanced counterweight and tail ropes).  With a 45-ton capacity, it was the largest friction hoist in the world when it was built in 1986.
  • Hoist cage footprint: 2.87m wide x 4.67m long
  • Hoist cage height: 2.87m wide x 7.46m high
  • Access height to the waste hoist cage is limited by a high-bay door at 4.14m high*
  • Nominal configuration is 2-cage (over/under), with bottom (equipment) cage interior height of 4.52m
* Taller items can be handled, depending on actual envelope dimensions and rigging limitations.  The total hoist cage height of 7.46m can be used if the object(s) can be moved through the high-bay doors and then assembled on the cage. Click here to see how equipment is loaded on the primary hoist

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