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Three GUT Models

Relic Neutralino Density

Strong Constraint on SUSY Parameter Space

Simple Relations

Feynman Diagrams

Some Technical Details

More Details

mSUGRA Model

mSUGRA Graph

Current Detectors Probe mSUGRA

mSUGRA Cross Section


Coannihilation Cross Section

Benchmark on Minimum mSUGRA Cross Sections

Non Universal Soft Breaking Masses

Amount of Interference

Compare with Universal Case

Cross Sections for universal & nonuniversal case

Minimum Cross Sections for nonuniversal soft breaking

Minimum Cross Section Graph

D-BRANE Models

Gaugino Masses are Degenerate

Models without CP Violation

Without CP Violation Cross Sections

D-brane region of coannihilation

D-brane coannihilation cross section

Effect of CP Violating Phases

CP Violating Cross Sections