The Dark Matter Problem

Dark Matter Chronology

Rotation Curves for Various Objects

Dark Matter can Explain both Short and Long Range Structure

What is the final state of the universe?

What if there are several components?

Druckier-Stodolsky Coherent Elastic Scattering

83-86 PNL-USC Double Beta Decay Experiment (Natural Ge)

Data from Cosme II (files 33-66)

Homestake CDM Experiment

A Partial List of Experimental Efforts

Heidelberg-Moscow and IGEX Agree well above 10 keV

Parameter Space for CDM Experiments

Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Canfranc Underground Laboratory

Depth Intensity and Neutrino Flux for Various Sites

8.7 Kg-year in Ge-76

Nuclear Structure Factors and Majorana Neutrino Mass Parameters

Physical Review C Paper with First IGEX Results

Ultra-low Background Ge Detectors

New Developments in Low Background Cryostats of Electroformed Copper

IGEX-II Will Employ New Developments

Backgrounds Have Steadily Dropped Since Early 80s

Background Spectrum

Pulse Shape for Single Site Events

Electronics Setup

Individual Pulse Analysis View

Individual Pulse Analysis View

The Future

A Smaller Version of CUORE

Background Spectrum Comparison

Multiplicity of Cancellation of Background

Double Beta Decay with Cuore and Cuorecino

SOLAX Solar Axions w/ Bragg-Coherent Primakoff Conversion in Crystal Detectors

Axion to Photon Conversion

Solar Axion Detection Scheme

Bragg Planes Orientation w.r.t Sun

Axion to Photon Conversion Rate

Axion to Photon Conversion by Primakoff Effect in Ge

Expected Diurnal Signal in Ge

SOLAX Result

A Solar Axion Search using a Decommissioned LHC Test Magnet

Axions Could Play Major Role in Stellar Evolution

Direct Search for Solar Axions Using Strong Magnetic Field and X-ray Detectors

X-Ray Detector for Axions Needs a Mobile Platform

LHC Decommissioned Magnets A Unique Opportunity

Expected Sensitivity from a 3-year Run