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Basics of Collapse Process

Neutrinos from Stellar Collapse

Detecting Supernova Neutrinos--Why?

Detecting Neutrinos from Supernovae--How?

Detecting Neutrinos from Supernovae--More on How?

A 0.52kT Lead Module

Top View of Drift

Detecting Neutrinos from Supernovae--Also

Measuring Neutrino Mass?

Neutrino Oscillations from OMNIS

Neutrinos from Collapse to Black Hole

Statistical Considerations

Measuring Neutrino Mass with Signals from a Black Hole

# of Events Past Black Hole Formation

Do Supernovae and/or Black Holes Ever Happen?

Comparing OMNIS to Other Supernovae Detectors

Detecting Supernovae Neutrinos--Why?