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Wimps Direct Search Strategies

Direct Detection: Background Strategy

How Low Can Background go?

Ge Semiconductor Detectors

Cryogenic Detectors

Discrimination in Cryogenic Detectors

New Technologies

Scintillation Detectors

DAMA-Experimental Apparatus

Annual Modulation of Rate and Spectrum

Is the Annual Modulation Signature Well Distinctive?

The Low Energy Counting Rate

Residuals vs Time

Present Results

About Systematics

Detector Environment


4x BLIP Tower Schematic (1999 Run)

1999 Run Ge BLIP Data Set

Neutron Multiple Scatters

1998 Run Si ZIP Data Set

Consistency of Neutron Hypothesis

New CDMS Upper Limits

CDMS and Expected WIMP Spectra

Compatibility of CDMS and DAMA

DAMA Energy Spectra

DAMA Energy Resolution/Trigger Issues

Conclusions and Future Plans

Forecast for WIMP Direct Detection