The Majorana Project: A 500kg Double Beta Decay Experiment

The Majorana Collaboration

Picture of Ettore Majorana

First data from Ge-76 at TUNL

Dirac vs. Majorana schemes

Theoretical Spectra from Double Beta Decay

Double Beta Decay Feynman Diagram

Lifetime Predictions from Nuclear Models

Black Box Schematic

Candidate Isotopes for Double Beta Decay

IGEX at CANFranc


Layout of Stage 1 Majorana Project (1)

Layout of Stage 1 Majorana Project (2)

Lifetime Limits Estimated for Candidate Isotopes

6 X 2 Segmented Detector

Spectra (Monte Carlo) for 68-Ga

Spectra (Monte Carlo) for 60-Co

Effect of Axial Segmentation for Proposed Detector

Pulse-Shape Discrimination for Ov Double Beta

Individual Pulse Analysis View

ESP Magic Discriminator

Artist Concept of Segmented Detector

Internal Configuration

Letter of Understanding Between CAO and TUNL

Geologic Profile of WIPP

Progress in Ge-76 Enrichment Discussions

The Centrifuge

Predicted Neutrino Mass Limits from Majorana Project