Enriched Xenon Observatory for Double Beta Deacy

The standard exclusion diagram

Experimental Knowledge of Neutrinos

Some questions bearing on particle physics

and others on coslmology

Majorana neutrinos violate L conservation

Why are neutrino masses so small?

And what about cosmology

How large are neutrino masses?

Recent theoretical papers claim 0.01 < m < 1ev

Kinematic mass measurements

DBD makes most sensitive mass measurement

DBD is a second order weak process

DBD energy spectra

DBD candidate nuclei with QɮMeV

Best materials are those that can be used as detector medium

What is needed to reach 10-100 meV

Background is enemy number one

Xe TPC suppresses backgrounds using topology and energy

EXO predecessor photo

Xe is new tool against background

Requirements for new generation DBD detector

Requirements for new generation DBD detector

Schematic drawing of EXO detector

Baseline design 5-20 atm & 10 ton mass

EXO Features

Single ion Ba+ spectroscopy in high pressure Xe

How to get answers

Stanfordís Ba+ ion trap

Stanfordís Ba+ ion trap

IBM/Stanford Ba+ ion trap

Exploring different gas additives

Readout plane R&D

Other detector configurations

SLAC liquid/solid Xe cell

SLAC liquid/solid Xe cell

SLAC liquid/solid Xe cell

Schematic of SLAC liquid/solid Xe cell

Hybrid Fireplace configuration has many advantages

It also has problems

Detector simulation and backgrounds

Sampling radioactivity at WIPP

The meV region is within reach!