Elementary Particles in the Standard Model

Unification of Particle Interaction Theories

Quest for Grand Unification

Quest for Grand Unification (continued)

NNN--(Next generation Nucleon decay and Neutrino Dector)Workshops

UNO Detector

Design Philosophy

Design Options (cont)

Design Options (cont)

Design Options (cont)

UNO Baseline Configuration

UNO WIPP Site Specific Design

UNO Physics Goals/ Capabilities

Nucleon Decay Rate for Possible Decay Schemes

Proton Decay Search Sensitivity

UNO Physics Goals

SuperK: Solar nu Seasonal Variation

ATM nu Zenith Angle Distributions

UNO Physics Goals

Estimated Unit Costs (Sample)

Cost Estimate Exercise

Cost Estimate (UNO Baseline)

Cost Reduction Possibilities

Site Selection

Road to a Compelling Proposal

To Do List

UNO Facility as a National Underground Laboratory


Feasibility of a Next Generation Underground Water Cherenokov Reactor:UNO