GENIUS - A new facility of non-accelerator physics

Non-Accelerator Experiments

Exploring Physics Back to the Plank Epoch

The Reconstruction of the Neutrino Mass Spectrum

Potential of Double Beta Decay for Neutrino Mass Present and Future

Potential of Double Beta Decay for Other Beyond Standard Physics

Dark Matter Search


What is Double Beta Decay?

Double Beta Decay Feynman Diagrams

60 Years of Double Beta Decay Measurements

60 Years of Double Beta Decay (cont.)

Double Beta Decay and Nuclear Structure

Matrix elements for neutrinoless DBD for Ge-76

Comparison of neutrinoless DBD lifetimes and equivalent neutrino mass bounds

Heidelberg-Moscow Double Beta Decay Experiment

Heidelberg-Moscow Experiment

Picture of Gran Sasso Tunnel

Gran Sasso Experiment cavities

GENIUS predecessor (Heidelberg-Moscow) at Gran Sasso

Heidelberg-Moscow detector

Heidelberg-Moscow inside detector

Heidelberg-Moscow Shield assembly

Heidelberg-Moscow Detector assembly

Expected Heidelberg-Moscow neutrinoless DBD energy spectrum

Heidelberg-Moscow results

Heidelberg-Moscow results (cont’d)

Heidelberg-Moscow implications

New parameter space area achieved from Heidelberg-Moscow

Discovery limit for NLC with Heidelberg-Moscow results

Other limits from Heidelberg-Moscow

HERA High Q2 Events

Via sneutrino mass term

Accelerators cannot compete with neutrinoless double beta decay

Better than results from DELPHI (LEP)

Violation of Equivalence Principle



The Future of Double Beta Decay

GErmanium in Liquid NItrogen Underground Setup

GENIUS Collaboration

Naked Ge Crystal

Naked Ge calibration spectrum using Ba-133

Background Simulations

Radiogenic purity considerations

Primordial Activity in Various Underground Facilities

Sources of Background Simulated

Naked Ge Uncorrected Spectrum

Naked Ge Corrected Spectrum

Naked Ge Physics Potential (1)

Naked Ge Physics Potential (2)

Naked Ge Physics Potential (3)

GENIUS potential vs. others

Effective Majorana mass for MSW LMA solution


Expected parameter space limits for GENIUS (1)

Expected parameter space limits for GENIUS (2)

Discovery limits at a linear collider

GENIUS (1 ton ɰ years) better than LHC below 1 TeV

Experiment sensitivities for SUSY models

GENIUS as a CDM detector

Cold Dark Matter Search--Status

Time schedule for GENIUS as a DM detector

Approaching Areas Beyond the Desert