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Workshop on the Next Generation U.S. Underground Science Facility

June 12-14, 2000

The WIPP Site at Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Workshop Purpose: Explore the potential need and use of the WIPP underground as a next generation laboratory for conducting nuclear and particle astrophysics, as well as other basic science research.

Presented Talks: The links in the following table provide access to the talks that were presented during the workshop.   Most of the links point to files maintained on the WIPP workshop server.   However, a few links are to presentations (pdf and post script files) maintained by the author's home institutions.

Richard Arnowitt
Texas A&M University
Experimental Accuracies Needed to Examine Current Leading Dark Matter Models
Frank Avignone
University of South Carolina
Underground Searches for CDM, Double-Beta Decay, Axions and Other Projects at WIPP
Beth Bennington
WIPP - Department of Energy
WIPP Operations and Facility Overview
David Besson
University of Kansas
Detection of >PeV Neutrinos in Salt via Radio Coherence Measurements
Richard Boyd
Ohio State University
Detecting Supernovae Neutrinos with OMNIS (Observatory for Multi-flavor Neutrino Interactions from Supernovae)
Adam Burrows
University of Arizona
Core Collapse Supernovae, 2&3-D Calculations, and Neutrinos
David Caldwell
UC Santa Barbara
Cold Dark Matter Detection and Experiments (including discussion of DAMA results)
David Casper
UC Irvine
Results from Super-Kamiokande and an Introduction to K2K
David Cline
UC Los Angeles
A Combined OMNIS and Neutrino Factory Detector at WIPP
Ludwig DeBraekeleer
Duke University
The Majorana Project: A 500kg Double Beta Decay Experiment
Ludwig DeBraekeleer
Duke University
The Case for a 100Mo Detector for Solar 7Be Neutrinos
Ernst Esch
Los Alamos Dark Matter Measurements in WIPP
Ervin Fenyves
University of Texas, Dallas
Collaboration on Design and Development of a Neutrino Detector for Neutrino Factory Beams at the WIPP Site
George Fuller
UC San Diego
Neutrino Oscillation Observables from Supernovae
Richard Gaitskell
UC Berkeley
Future for Direct Detection of Dark Matter
Giorgio Gratta
Stanford University
EXO - A Double Beta Decay Enriched Xe-136 Observatory
Andre Hamer
Current Status and Future Plans at SNO
Andrew Hime
SNO Detector Development Efforts in WIPP
Chang Kee Jung
SUNY Stoney Brook
The UNO Detector and Underground National Laboratory at Carlsbad
Hans Klapdor
Max Planck Institute
GENIUS - A new facility of non-accelerator physics
Alfred Mann
University of Pennsylvania
The Case for a New U.S. Undergound Science Laboratory
Kirk McDonald
Princeton University
Neutrino Physics with a "Neutrino Factory"
Roger Nelson
WIPP - Department of Energy
WIPP’s Background Radiation Environment and Features
Bernard Sadoulet
UC Berkeley
Carlsbad: A Frontier Underground Facility?
Peter Smith
Rutherford Appleton Lab
Prospects for US/UK Collaboration on New Neutrino and Dark Matter Projects
Peter Smith
Rutherford Appleton Lab
Experience with the UK Boulby Salt Mine, and Plans for Improved Facilities
Bill Thompson
Golder Associates
Geological and Geotechnical Considerations on New Cavity Mining at WIPP
Ines Triay
WIPP - Department of Energy
Workshop on WIPP as the Next Underground Laboratory
Chuan Fu Wu
WIPP - Department of Energy
Integration of Underground Research with WIPP Waste Disposal Operations

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