Procurement - Sources Sought

This page displays a listing Sources Sought. If you are interested in submitting an outline, please contact the cognizant buyer to find out more.
Please respond by e-mail to the buyer and include:

All outlines must be received on or before the listed closing date.

Sources Sought for Central Monitoring Room Upgrade Services

Sources Sought for Fiber Optic Network Design and Installation

Sources Sought Notice - Refurbish Salt Shaft Head Frame

Sources Sought Notice - Compressed Air Replacement

Sources Sought Notice - Underground Substation 53P-SWG-15/1 Installation

Sources Sought Notice - Lightning Protection System Repair & Upgrade

Sources Sought Notice - WIPP Utility Shaft (US) and Drift Construction

Sources Sought Notice - DeDuster Design, Manufacture, Delivery, and Commissioning

Sources Sought Notice - Construction & Maintenance Support Services

Sources Sought Notice - Fire Loop Phases 1 and 2 Contractor Support

Sources Sought Notice - WIPP North Access Road Bypass Construction

Statement of Work - WIPP North Access Road Bypass Construction

Request for Interest WIPP Site Cafeteria Services

Sources Sought Notice - Automated Fire Suppression System (AFSS) for Underground (UG) Equipment

Sources Sought for Pre Engineered Metal Building

Sources Sought for NQA-1 Mine Ventilation Engineering Services

HUBZone suppliers:
NWP is interested in idenfiying new SBA certified HUBZone suppliers in a variety of disciplines including mine and safety supplies as well as service subcontractors in engineering and scientific displines. Interested parties should send their capabilities statement to: Mark