Procurement - Sources Sought

This page displays a listing Sources Sought. If you are interested in submitting an outline, please contact the cognizant buyer to find out more.
Please respond by e-mail to the buyer and include:

All outlines must be received on or before the listed closing date.

Sources Sought Notice - Compressed Air Replacement

Sources Sought Notice - Underground Substation 53P-SWG-15/1 Installation

Sources Sought Notice - Lightning Protection System Repair & Upgrade

Sources Sought Notice - Continuous Miner

Sources Sought Notice - WIPP Utility Shaft (US) and Drift Construction

Sources Sought Notice - DeDuster Design, Manufacture, Delivery, and Commissioning

Sources Sought Notice - Construction & Maintenance Support Services

Sources Sought Notice - Fire Loop Phases 1 and 2 Contractor Support

Sources Sought for Janitorial Services

Sources Sought Notice - WIPP North Access Road Bypass Construction

Statement of Work - WIPP North Access Road Bypass Construction

Request for Interest WIPP Site Cafeteria Services

Sources Sought Notice - Automated Fire Suppression System (AFSS) for Underground (UG) Equipment

Sources Sought for Pre Engineered Metal Building

Sources Sought for NQA-1 Mine Ventilation Engineering Services

HUBZone suppliers:
NWP is interested in idenfiying new SBA certified HUBZone suppliers in a variety of disciplines including mine and safety supplies as well as service subcontractors in engineering and scientific displines. Interested parties should send their capabilities statement to: Mark