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Radiation and Radioactive Materials Source: National Institute of Justice

Radiation Information for the General Public Source: EPA Website

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The Remote-Handled Transuranic Waste Program


What is Plutonium?

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Waste to be Consolidated at Idaho Site Before Shipment to WIPP


Why Salt Was Selected as a Disposal Medium

Step-by-Step Guide for Waste Handling at WIPP


Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB)

National TRU Program Improvements - August 11, 2016

Radioactive & Hazardous Materials Committee

Created in 1979 by the New Mexico Legislature to review and monitor activities related to radioactive or hazardous waste, the handling of waste being transported to WIPP, remediation efforts at contaminated sites, and compliance with environmental statutes and standards.

CBFO Presentation - August 2, 2016

Waste Management Symposia Papers

2015 Papers

15024 - The February 2014 Accidents at WIPP (What Happened and What We Know About Why)

15073 - Development of Three-Dimensional Models for WIPP Performance Assessment Using PFLOTRAN

15107 - The Role of Independent Monitoring in Maintaining Community Support through a Radiological Incident - A WIPP Case Study

15170 - Impacts of an Additional Exhaust Shaft on WIPP Performance

15173 - Risk Considerations for WIPP Passive Institutional Controls

15073 - Development of Three-Dimensional Models for WIPP Performance Assessment Using PFLOTRAN

15293 - WIPP - February 2014 Operational Events and the Compliance Recertification Application (CRA) 2014

15307 - Influencing Future Exploratory Drilling Rates—A Potential Approach for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

15423 - Performance Assessment Modeling of a Generic SNF/HLW Repository in Salt with Coupled Thermal-Hydrologic Effects

WM2015 Conference Panel Report Panel Session 016

WM2015 Conference Panel Report Panel Session 112

Other publications of interest - Karst

Environmental Protection Agency fact sheet on karst - A 2006 fact sheet on karst provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Karst and Related Issues at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant - A paper addressing the issue of karst at WIPP by Dr. Lokesh Chaturvedi.

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