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WWIS Public Access Inquiry Page

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The DOE will provide information regarding emplaced containers of Transuranic (TRU) waste at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Here is how you can use this feature:

  1. Choose the type of information about the waste you would like to view. Information that is available for each emplaced container of waste is listed in Table 1.
  2. The Tabs are set up to reflect the major heading in Table 1.
  3. Information is only provided for containers that have been disposed (emplaced containers). 
  4. You can limit your request by specifying emplaced containers disposed between certain dates, emplaced containers from specific generator sites, or emplaced containers in certain disposal locations. Use the “Query by Date, Query by Location, or Query by Waste Stream” Tabs to limit the request. These queries will produce a list of containers that meet the criteria selected. Containers are listed in numerical order.
  5. Once you have identified the containers of interest, specific information can be displayed using the “Container Data”, “Shipment Data”, “Material Parameter”, Filters”, “Characterization”, “Hazardous Code Data”, “Sample Data”, "Container Comments”, or “Container Location” Tabs.
  6. WWIS emplaced container information may be accessed as defined in the Settlement Agreement dated February 11, 2005, Docket Number HWB 04-07 (CO).

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