CRA-Spider Using Search Troubleshooting License and Credits

Using Search

There are four elements to the search user interface:

  1. Text input box - upper left. Enter your search terms here. For more info on search terms go to the section below.
  2. Combined start/stop search and go button. When you enter a search term the button to the right of the text input box turns into a magnifying glass. Click this button to start an exhaustive search of the web site. Click it once more to stop a search before all results are found. Some notes on searching are listed below:
  3. When the search is done and a link is chosen from the site list, the button will change to an arrow (go) button.
  4. Help button. This button will take you to this help page.
  5. Site list - lower window. CRA sections and their sub-sections associated with the search term are displayed here. You may select a listing and then double-click or click the arrow (go) button to go to the link. If a link is selected, its corresponding URL is displayed in the browser's status line (just like when your mouse is over a link in a normal web page).

In addition there is a optional status line located under the site list.

Search terms

The search terms in the text input box can consist of phrases, exclude-words or logical expressions. Case is always ignored.

Some examples:

Text input box     Meaning of input
"hello you" bye Will match pages containing the phrase "hello you" and the word "bye".
hello | you | bye Will match pages containing at least one of the words "hello", "you" and "bye".
hello you bye Will match pages containing all the words "hello", "you" and "bye".
hello & you & bye Same as above.
hello +you +bye Same as above.
hello -you bye Will match pages containing the words "hello" and "bye", but not "you".
-"hello you" tea | coffee Will match pages that don't contain the phrase "hello you " and contain one of the words "tea" and "coffee"..

Note that you should quote the search word if special characters and/or logical operators appear in the start of the word.


Internet Explorer users may see a notice that to protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this web page from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. You will need to allow the blocked content to run by clicking on this notice and selecting 'Allow blocked content...' and then click 'yes' in the pop-up dialog box to let this file run active content. To prevent this from happening every time you open the search page go to the Internet Explorer 'Tools' menu, select 'Internet Options' and then the 'Advanced' tab. From the list of checkboxes on the Advanced tab, find and enable the security option(s) "Allow active content from CDs to run on My Computer". Click 'ok' to save this, close and re-start Internet Explorer.

CRA Search is a Java Applet. You must have Java installed on your computer and correctly configured for your web browser for CRA search to run.


CRA-Spider is a modified version of HouseSpider version 4.7. CRA-Spider was modified from HouseSpider in July 2008. HouseSpider is maintained by Hans Fr. Nordhaug and was originally developed by Keith L. Jackson - up to version 4.0. HouseSpider is open source and being distributed under the GNU General Public license. Source code for HouseSpider versions are found on the SourceForge project page.