Training and Education

  • Hands-on Training Course—Basic Alpha Spectrometry

    Clemson University, April 1-5, 2013
    Dr. Brian Powell, Clemson University
    Dr. Bill Burnett, Florida State University
  • Enhancing Radiological Laboratory Testing for Radionuclides in Drinking Water Training

    This training provides users with the information and techniques they need to assist them in obtaining or retaining their EPA certification for laboratories performing drinking water analyses for radionuclides.

    Module Topics

    1. Basics of Radioactivity
    2. Sample Preservation, Pretreatment, and Preparation
    3. Principles of Radiochemical Separations
    4. Detection Techniques
    5. EPA Approved Radiochemical Drinking Water Methods
    6. Determination of Measurement Uncertainty for Radiochemical Analysis
    7. Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Radiochemical Analysis

    Visit the Radionuclides Laboratory Training Modules website.


Mansour Akbarzadeh
Manager, Science and Development / WIPP Laboratories
Phone: 575-234-5516


Patricia Paviet
Director, MMaterials and Chemical Technologies
Department of Energy
Phone: 301-903-1542


John Griggs
US EPA National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory
Phone: 334-270-3450

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